Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event REALLY free? What’s the catch?

Yes, the International Freelancers Day online conference is FREE! Your free registration entitles you to "attend" live at NO COST from the comfort of your own home or office.

There's no catch. This global event is intended to celebrate freelancers and solo professionals the world over at a time when this growing segment of the workforce is looking for better ways to thrive in today's freelance economy.

All presentations will play live at their scheduled times, just like in a live, physical conference. Should you “arrive” to a presentation late, you’ll catch it already in progress.

  I won’t be able to watch all of the presentations. Will I have access to the replays?

Presentation replays (which include full PDF written transcripts) will be made available for a nominal $49 fee. More details later.

This is the ONLY aspect of the conference that is not free of charge. However, we have tried to make the replay fee as affordable as possible. Profits from the sale of replay packages are simply intended to cover some of the costs of putting together and running this massive event.

Do I need any special software to watch the presentations?

No, you simply need to register for the event and have a Web browser and a connection to the Internet.

How will I know when each presenter is speaking?

The event schedule is posted here. Times are subject to change, so make sure to check back before the event. To convert the time from EST to your own time zone, we suggest using this time zone converter.

Where do I go to watch the presentations?

First, you’ll need to register for the event, which is completely free. Then, a few days prior to the event, we’ll send you an email with all the details — including the specific web pages where you can watch each presentation.

I noticed there are two presentation tracks. Am I limited to one track, or can I jump back and forth between them?

In order to accommodate all presentations into one day — and to give you some free time between presentations — we have created two different presentation tracks. You are free to jump from one track to the other as you wish. The email we will send you a few days prior to the event will have presentation access information for both tracks.

How can I learn more about the presentations and the presenters?

Visit the Sessions page and for more information on the presentations and for more information on each of the presenters.

May I tell others about this event?

Absolutely! Help us spread the word to anyone you think will benefit from this information. All freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs, self-employeds and entrepreneurs are invited and welcome! Simply tell them to visit and register there. It’s completely free.

Will there be some sort of attendee interaction during the event?

Yes! In fact, the interaction during last year's event was one of the highest-rated aspects of the conference! Both attendees and speakers chatted back and forth on the ideas from the presentations. And from that interaction, a community of like-minded solo professionals quickly evolved. Friendships, partnerships and connections were made over the weeks and months that followed. And almost a year later, attendees are still raving about the event!

So... yes, we will once again have an interactive component during this year's event. This year we will be using a Twitter chat plugin. We'll be giving you more details on this exciting new chat closer to the event. The official International Freelancers Day hashtag is #IFD2012.

What if I have problems viewing the online presentations. Do you offer live technical support?

This is a free event. So there is no live technical support available. However, viewing the presentations should not be a problem, provided you have a computer, up-to-date web browser, and internet connection. If you can view videos posted on other websites like, you'll be able to view these.

If you purchased the replay package and have trouble accessing the presentations (or if you didn't receive your login instructions after purchase), please email us at or phone us at 1-888-323-0133 (ext 1) and we'll take care of you.