Carol Tice

Session: Don’t Leave Money on the Table! 13 Negotiation Tips to Earn More

About this session

Don’t know what to bid? Scared to ask for more money? Experienced freelance writer Carol Tice of the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog will present her system for making sure you get every dollar you can out of a project.

Gain the confidence you need to ask for the pay you deserve in this practical session. Freelancers are often scared they’ll lose a client if they ask for more money. Carol discusses why negotiating is not just normal but often expected when you work with quality clients!

She’ll also share how to make a counter offer to a client’s proposal without seeming rude or confrontational. The session will cover how to identify good clients, research pay rates, put together a bid, present it professionally, and negotiate for better rates.

About Carol Tice

Carol Tice has been a full-time freelancer since 2005. She has written for Entrepreneur, Seattle Magazine, the Seattle Times, Costco, Alaska Airlines, Dun & Bradstreet, American Express, and many more. She currently blogs for Forbes about franchising and retail, for Entrepreneur about reality TV, and for Freelance Switch about freelance topics. Her blog is Make a Living Writing, where subscribers receive the free 20-week ecourse Marketing 101 for Freelance Writers. Her community for freelance writers is Freelance Writers Den.

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