Session: Designing an Abundant Life

About this session

Joyful, life-giving, easy, abundance, seems like an impossible dream for most people. Stuck in fear and worry, unfocused and challenged, we struggle for a better life, because we mistakingly think of abundance as an achievement to earn, rather than a way to live.

Join Peleg Top, Los Angeles based business coach and life mentor, as he shares with you his simple three principle approach to designing the abundant life you desire.

In this intimate presentation you'll learn to design your abundant life. You'll see how the actions you take, the mindset you keep, and the practices you maintain can permanently shift your life and your business into a state of flow. In the flow of abundance you'll be naturally and automatically more creative, more productive and more in tune with your spirit.

About Peleg Top

After a thriving career as a designer and a branding agency owner for eighteen years Peleg Top faced his own mid-life crisis, closed shop and found his calling as a business coach and a psyco-spiritual therapist. Peleg now helps creative entrepreneurs heal their businesses from bad clients, poor profits and overwhelming stress while helping the business owner blossom and succeed. He brings a holistic mind-body-business approach to his work and focuses on teaching people how to create abundance, generate prosperity and live a joyful, happy life. He is a published author, an intuitive painter, a certified chef and all around creative guy.


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