Tiphani Montgomery

Session: How to Be Amazing When You Suck at Selling: The Ultimate Guide on Promoting Your
Products and Services Like Your Life Depends On It!

About this session

You have a great product/service. You've poured out sweat in the form of blood and tears and your baby is finally ready to be released into the world. You close your eyes and imagine the money flooding into your bank account, making all the time you spent on creating this masterpiece worth it. You think about promoting it, but the mere idea makes your skin crawl.

And then you do it. You release it into the world and get NOTHING. Zero. Zilch.

In this presentation, Tiphani Montgomery, the Queen of Fearless Self-Promotion, will teach you selling techniques that will crank out your inner hustlers' spirit, how to step out of the box and promote like a pro, and how to reject rejection (it's a numbers game...really).

About Tiphani Montgomery

When Tiphani Montgomery was 12, they told her she was stupid — and prescribed ‘smart pills’ (aka, Ritalin) to wrestle her brain into a state of submission. She fed them to her Rottweiler. They worked like a charm.

When she was 21, they told her she'd never amount to anything — so she took her baby daughter, moved to a new state, self-published a book of poetry, and sold 2,500 copies in less than a month…from behind the bar where she mixed drinks & hustled tips.

When she was 25, her college GPA was an abysmal 0.0 — so she dropped out. Wrote her first (of four) novels in two and a half months. And landed on the Essence magazine bestseller list seven separate times — including the #1 spot.

She's now a Huffington Post Blogger, a Motivational Speaker and a Bloomberg Businessweek Fellow spreading her message of cashflow, power and fearless self-promotion all over the world.

She's also the founder of, Knocked Up, Now What? a non-profit that teaches young mothers in every continent the fundamentals of self-love, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

Website: www.tiphanimontgomery.com

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