Erik Vonk

Erik Vonk
Session: How to Thrive as a Free Agent in the Upcoming Era of Independent Work Arrangements

About this session

Fundamental societal changes, unprecedented economic uncertainty and global megatrends are changing the way work works. Employment is obsolete, and organizations and individuals are aggressively seeking better work arrangements that provide greater flexibility, higher autonomy and improved portability of work benefits.

In this session, Erik Vonk, author of Don't Get a Job, Get a Life and a recognized expert in the field of freelancing and independent contracting, will provide useful insights into the composition and the characteristics of tomorrow’s workforce. You'll learn:

  • Why work worked the way it did ... but no longer does
  • How the nature of exchanging competencies for income is rapidly evolving
  • The most common myths and realities of contingent work arrangements
  • The Affordable Healthcare Act – what's in store for free agents in the U.S.?
  • How freelancers everywhere can position themselves to thrive over the next 5 years


About Erik Vonk

Erik is an internationally recognized expert in the field of freelancing and independent contracting.

As the architect of the staffing contract between Randstad Staffing Services and the Atlanta Olympic Committee, he orchestrated the provision of all 16,000 paid personnel for the Centennial Olympic Games in 1996. This is still the largest single supplier contingent workforce arrangement on record.

He is the author of the book “Don’t Get a Job, Get a Life” (2000), which makes the case for replacing outdated employment conventions with "on demand" work platforms.
In line with the book’s vision, Erik started Back Of The House (BOTH), a company that offers Total Support for Independent Professionals™. Filling a void in the market, BOTH provides this growing segment of the workforce with a personal support platform that combines IT and admin resources with health, retirement and insurance options.


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