Video #6: How to Get Paid FASTER!

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  • http://larrybossone.Com Larry Bossone

    That's all very interesting, but you don't have any clause for penalties if they don't pay. A number of us annually work for a producer who is habitually late on payment. We shoot in March, and as of now, the end of Sept. there are 3 people who he hasn't fully paid. He doesn't answer phone calls, and only occasionally email us with some lame excuse. While your agreements make sense for outfits that will honor them, there is no incentive to pay in a reasonable time for someone that just decides they will pay late, or worse, not at all. Most outfits will not pay before completion. It's not like an automobile that we can repossess. Once the video's shot, and turned over to the producer, there is no recourse.
    I've had this problem numerous times. Suing in small claims does not work, they just ignore the order. Any suggestions?

  • http://larrybossone.Com Larry Bossone

    That's all very well. But you don't tell us how to insure they will fullful the terms.
    A number of us deal with a producer who doesn't pay us until over 6 months after we fullful our shooting contract. He won't answer phone calls or emails. When he does email us it's with a lame excuse. There is no penalty in your contracts that would intice someone like him to pay on time, and you need to address that problem.

  • Constantine Kugot

    Pete, thanks for the great practice advice. Very valuable. I've the same "problem" as Suzanne has. Larger customers just have a schedule of payments, but I send invoices right after the project is completed and some times had to wait for 30 days to be paid after the work has been completed. I will definitely try two payment options for my bigger customers, since smaller pay just fine in terms of time. Can't wait for the rest of the videos.

    PS. I experience some problems viewing videos on a Mac, some of them just stop in the middle and refreshing a page or clearing the cache does not help. Any thoughts how to download them?

  • Pete Savage

    Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for stopping by. Absolutely! Try it, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how often these terms are accepted without any resistance. Hope you enjoy the big event!

  • Suzanne Boles

    This great. I've been freelancing for 16 years. With new clients I always ask for 1/3 up front, 1/3 when I submit the first draft, and the rest of the payment after we sign off. But once I start working with the client, on a regular basis, I bill after the project is completed. That means I can be working on a project for weeks without any pay coming in. I will definitely use your two scenario wordings for corporate clients from now on. Thank you for this valuable information.

  • Fahad

    Video 5 is one of the many very cost effective and quick ways of finding prospects. I hope more links and videos can be referred in this area

  • William

    Great video! I like the strategy of using invoicing alternatives to ensure you are paid on time, but being a freelancer that's been burned by clients before, I feel collecting some type of deposit at the start of every project is absolutely crucial.

    Thanks for the videos – can't wait for 9/24!

  • http://notyet....soonI'llshow-) Anya Avramova

    Thank you for the video! It's turned out very useful and I will definitely take advantage of your advice))

  • Al Jones

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. It makes the whole freelance idea more real, and achievable. With these instuctions ... i can visualize myself going through these steps.

    Which in turn will make it that much easier when the moment of truth comes.

    Thanks Again

    Kindest Regards

  • Siraj ud Dowlah

    Thanks,its really very helpful videos,looking forward to 9/24,willing to get these type of videos in future.

  • irshad

    Helpful, Thanks and looking forward to 9/24, luckily it’s my birthday too...

  • Emily Suess

    Thanks for these introductory videos. Looking forward to 9/24!

  • Violet Meuter

    Thanks for sharing these tips Pete! These days many larger companies are outsourcing their payables group which typically adds to the processing time of vendor invoices, making it even more important to get your invoice into the "hopper" sooner!

  • Funny Facebook Statuses

    I agree with this video, the most common problem is setting unclear payment terms. If everything is set clear right at the beginning, there should be no problem down the line as far as payments are concerned.

  • Veronica

    found this very useful!

  • Tiffany

    I did a job for another unit in the Army... I didn't get paid until 4 MONTHS after the event occurred. The contact RETIRED!! I was lucky I knew the commanding officer of the unit. I must add to this video - make sure you know how to contact someone HIGHER!